The support of our donors are the reason we’re in business. Here are some of the great things they’ve said about us.


Emily and Diego are both very passionate about their work they did in Zambia this past summer. I volunteered with them for 1 month while they were there. On our down time, they never took a break. They were always developing activities and creating lesson plans for the children we worked with. They also were very friendly with the locals and took time to talk with them and hear their stories. I will never forget one evening we were eating dinner at a local restaurant and one of the employees saw Emily and his face lit up with a huge smile. He was so jolly for the rest of the night. Emily and Diego make a great team and I know they will do great things when they return to Zambia. Their hearts are full of compassion.

-Kelly Broihahn, Special Needs Teacher


Diego and Emily are good workers and excellent people, I had the pleasure to meet them working in Zambia where they did a great job with the children. They are enthusiastic about what they do and they love it. They also get along easily with the people and are full of affection. I am so happy to see them return to Zambia, they will do great things there.

-Andrea De Iracheta, Volunteer


I volunteered for 6 weeks in Livingstone, working in several different schools. I found that it is common for a student to not do their assignment because they don’t have a pen and others don’t want to share for fear of not getting it back or the ink running out.  I learned quickly to not tell a student to get out his/her pen/paper when they were just sitting there not doing anything. Also, when the kids are done with their work, they go outside while others finish.  They beg for me to bring the books I brought for them to use outside during that time… these kids are so eager to learn which makes the conditions that much more sad!

-Erin Bagniewski, Volunteer


The students I have worked with in Zambia are the best students ever! They came to class everyday ready to soak up as much knowledge as possible. For them, school is the most important tool they have to help them improve their lives. They truly value their education and are very motivated to learn and succeed. I wish my students in Zambia had access to the same quality of education students in the US have. With more resources Zambian students would be unstoppable!

-Katie Wybenga, Teacher